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IAAI-P2 #2 Sectional Cut Model

This blog writes about our processing of the sectional cut model for the FEC.


Since we have shown some aspects in the sectional drawings, namely voids and visual qualities, we want to depict some different properties of FEC in the sectional cutting. One of the property we wanted to track is the circulation and the energy strategy. Therefore, we started by building models in Rhino and find some section cuts that make sense.

Definitely, the context is very interesting - the roof structure is perfectly designed to collect especially rain water. It then flows to the stone steps beside, and finally recollect these water for furthur use.

However, if we are about to cut like this and follow the constraint of the scale, the physical model can be very large. Definitely, we need to discard some of the elements we greedily wanted to include.

Physical Models

Since we built the model in Rhino, it became easier for us to make it physically. We finally crop the section of the context - it was charming for us, as if we drop some water we could definitely show how the water collection works - but in terms of circulation, it is better to focus on the building itself.

Hence, we keep our final models like the following:

Renders Based on Photos

Finally just for some entertainment, we also made some photoshop onto the photos of our physical models, to capture some lighting conditions / atmospheric properties of FEC. It is designed as not that realistic as the section drawings, so that we could have a more general but more instant feeling of the building itself.

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