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IAAI-P1 #1 Project Overview

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Last updated on 1/19/2023

This series of blogs IAAI-Pn are the blogs for my second year Architecture Studio (48-205E, Interface Architecture: Architecture Interface) at CMU, directed by Professor Eddy Man Kim. IAAI stands for Interface Architecture: Architecture Interface, the title of our studio option, and Pn stands for Phase n. I will document my project progress in this way.


To be short, the project aims to raise a proposal for some decent architectural designs particularly for bird conservations. Throughout this semester we are going to study the precedents, learn bird habits and scientific (biological) behaviors and design architectural installments that are friendly and protective to birds.

Bird Blind by Maya Lin

Reading #1

Solid Air by Daniel Klem

Some paraphrasing from the book:

  1. Window panes allows light and warmth get into an enclosed space.

  2. Many birds died due to striking windows or large glasses. - Why they hit: functionally glasses are not visible, probably deficiency or more fundamental. - Phototaxis: Birds can be drawn to light which adds danger. - Species: Range in those occuring around human dwellings. - Species: There are species-specific behavioral distinctions.

  3. Other collision results in injury, unconsciousness, paralysis, ... anyways very bad consequences.

  4. Industrial persuasion required: why do they need to install bird-safe windows.

  5. 3 sets of people: need no convincing, need to be convinced, cannot be convinced. Goals are to convince the highlighted convincable people.

  6. UV are visible to birds but not human. But still under scientific discussion to see if it really works.

  7. Experiments havesuggested: - Windows/Mirrors doesn't need to be placed around human to kill birds. - Favorable weather is more dangerous. - Some species are more vulnerable. - ...

  8. Glass/fabrication data: - Dangerous panes: A > 2 m². H > 3 m. - Safe pattern: "2x4 Rule", pattern elements separated by 5cm(2") in x and 10cm(4") in z.

  9. Reasons to convince our clients why we need birds: - Birds do merit us from many aspects: biodiversity, disease control, human culture...

  10. Solutions: - Covering or orienting lights downward. - Placing indoor attractants(indoor plants, trees etc) away from the window. - Placing outdoor attractants close to the window(within 1m). - Covering windows with mesh netting (but this occludes the light as well). - Probably netting with less density will also work. - Covering windows with sun-shades. - Angled windows.

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