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Lingheng Tony Tao

Personal Profile

My vision is in the world.

My heart is in my work. 



2011 - 2017

Nanjing Foreign Language School

Nanjing, China

This is my middle and high school.

I discovered my interest and met my best friend here.

2017 - 2023

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I have achieved a major in Architecture as well as a major in Computer Science here. And a minor in Game Design. I have tested, tried, strived, learned, and found.

2023 - 2025

Entertainment Technology Center

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I am achieving my Master of Entertainment Technology here. I am testing, trying, striving, learning and looking for.


2017 Summer



Nanjing, China

Software Engineer Internship (Java)

  • Practices Java programming skills.

  • Discussed solutions with the team.

2021.9 - 2021.12

NetEase (Hangzhou), Inc.


Hangzhou, China

User Experience Engineer Internship

  • Conduct the SOP for new employee training: understanding user interface components in the game engines.

  • Implemented game user interfaces in Unity and Cocos Studio.

2021.7 - 2022.2



Beijing, China (Remote)

UI / UX Designer

  • Designed the logo for Hokdo.

  • Designed the visual style guide.

  • Designed the website and user interface for the software.

2023.7 - Present

ART FIRST Education

Unity Engine & Game Design Tutor

  • Provided tutorship for Unity Engine on topics of gameplay programming, shader, visual effects and post-processing.

  • Provided tutorship in Game Design.


Xi'an, China (Remote)

2024.2 - Present

Center of Transformational Play, CMU


Pittsburgh, PA

Game Designer

  • Designed the game mechanics and concepts for CPT for a topic of Work-Life Balance.

  • Conducted playtests and produced game paper and digital prototypes for the testers.

  • Cooperated with researchers to integrate educational research strategies into the transformational game.

2024.5 - 2024.8

Apple Inc.


Rendering Programmer

To be updated. Incoming Internship.

Sunnyvale, CA

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