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Computer Graphics Notes

Notes integrated from CMU 15-462, GAMES 101, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics.

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This is the table of content for the computer graphics notes I had. They are referenced from CMU 15462/662 (Computer Graphics), GAMES 101(Intro to Computer Graphics) and the Fundamentals of Comptuer Graphics (5th Edition). 

Chapter 1

Review of Linear Algebra / Vector Calculus.

Math Review

Chapter 2

Basic Transformations including Scale / Shear / Rotation / Translation.

Homogeneous Coordinates.

Basic Transformation

Chapter 3

Model / View / Projection matrices and transformations. Field of View. 

Perspective and Interpolation.


Chapter 4

Pipeline. Screen transformation. Drawing Line Algorithms.



Chapter 5

Non-physical Based Rendering Models.

Texture Mapping. More Pipelines.


Chapter 6

Closest Point. Ray-Mesh Intersection. First Hit. 

Spatial Accelerated Data Structure / AABB / BVH / KD-Tree.

Geometry Queries

Chapter 7

Mesh / Manifold. Geometric Equations. 

Super / Subdivision.

Geometry Expressions

Chapter 8

Physics measurements, getting ready for Ray Tracing.

Rendering Equation.


Chapter 9

Whitted-Style Ray Tracing.

Numeric Integral. Variance Reduction.

Ray Tracing

Chapter 10

Interpolations. Key Frames. Splines.

Kinematics / Inversed Kinematics. Optimazations.


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