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Sloth Race

This is a local multiplayer racing game (up to 4 players) for CMU 60-418 Experimental Game Studio. The theme was "Fantasy Sports". I made this game with a team of 4: Hailey Jeung, Jessie Chen and Stacey Cho.

In this game, the players will play as sloths. They will competitively race against each other, striving for the first place. During the race, they may collect the cabbage on the ground. A certain amount of cabbage collected will allow the player to shoot a poop or fart, which stuns the sloths behind. However, the sloths may also collided into the cars in the sloth town. 

My role in this project is the UI designer, technical artist and the gameplay programmer. I was responsible for the toon shaders, Ragdoll Settings, Game play and finally UI design and implementation.

Here's the link to download:

Sloth Race | Demo Reel

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