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Course: Experimental Game Studio (CMU 60-417).

Instructor: Paolo Pedercini

Project Manual: here.

YouTube Walkthrough Video:

Project Abstract

In this project, we are suggested to download free 3D models from whatever resources, disassemble and reassemble the parts of the models, fix or apply textures when necessary, and create a digital "sculpture" that delivers a certain mood, feeling or expressive concept. 


For this project, I used models of a trash can, school backpack, textbooks, and a classroom desk-chair group. 

Expressive Statement

My sculpture is a symbol of Asian style school culture. The classroom desks and chairs are typical Japanese/Chinese desks and chairs. The textbooks placed on the desks are "important subjects" - textbooks for Maths, Literature, English, and the books which fill the trash can with a shape of the school backpack, are titled Music, Physical Education, or Arts. The project aims to ask the audience to retrospect their bias towards different subjects - with such a heavy backpack they have to carry everyday, how much of the content deliver knowledge, and how much of the content would they consider as trash, and how much of the content they are required to display to the educators. I hope this could arouse them to think more about the fairness of education, especially under Asian cultural background.

Blender Screenshot


The 3D model is finished in Blender, with textures and UV mapping assisted by Photoshop. Finally they are brought to Unity3D, with post-process effects enabled.

The subtitles are added because I want to make the visual effect behave a a movie. Though the texts in the subtitles can be a little distracting to the scene, I still want to express the concept that "education is like an act" behind this sculpture piece.

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