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Delivery Dillema

This is a virtual reality world build for Building Virtual Worlds Round 2 at CMU Entertainment Technology Center.

The requirement is to create a highly interactive VR world for the Quest 2: 
Create a consistent, highly interactive, and engaging experience that lets naïve guests feel like they have a lot of freedom in the choices they make. In our game, we created a situation where the guest is allowed to freely interact with the things in the bathroom - even taking a shower. However, while the guest is enjoying the shower, the deliverer will knock the door and tell the guest that this is the final delivery attempt. The guest will be pushed then to quickly finish the shower and get the package ASAP.

My role in this project is the technical artist and the gameplay programmer. I was responsible for the fullscreen waterdrips shaders and XR Hand Tracking interactions.

Delivery Dillema | Realtime Recording Video 

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