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Dating Egg

This is a virtual reality world build for Building Virtual Worlds Round 2 at CMU Entertainment Technology Center.

The requirement is to create a game that should be (1) designed to take place in the room or space in the ETC building that you have chosen and (2) run on platform(s) you have chosen.

In our project, we created a
3-player cooperative dating game, using a keyboard, a Tobii Eye Tracker and an Egg Chair. The Egg Chair is the brain which gives instructions for the keyboard player (who is the mouth) to type, and gives hints for the eye tracker player (who is the eye) to find the correct answer to type on a cheat sheet. The words are extremely difficult and long, and can be easily typed in a wrong spelling. If the eye tracker player lacks eye contact with the dating mate, or the keyboard player makes a typo, the Egg Chair will shake and the player on the chair is then "punished" for making a bad team cooperation.

My role in this project is the technical artist, UI designer, game designer and the keyboard mechanics programmer. I was responsible for the toon shading shaders, Normal Averaging and Keyboard Inputs interactions.

Dating Egg | Realtime Recording Video 

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