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Avatar: Walking Cat

Course: Experimental Game Studio (CMU 60-417).

Instructor: Paolo Pedercini

Project Manual: here.

YouTube Demo Video:

Project Abstract

In this project, we are required to design a character - humanoid, i.e. with human shape, but non-human. They can have big heads, strange arms, or they can have large rabbit ears. In my project, I designed a small toy-character called "Walking Cat". It is a cat dressed like a knight, hiding cat's features, yet exposing cat's sassy movements: a cat walking.

Expressive Statement

Watch a walking cat catwalking.

Concept Design

The character is designed to be a "video game character" - with a strong silhoutte that are simplified as much as possible, helping it to impress people at the first glance.

The shield in front of the the character is drawn with a cat's face, however, covered by its scarf. 



The character is completely modeled from scratch in Blender, and used the above design document as supportive reference.

After the model is created and adjusted, it is uploaded to the Adobe Mixamo, and a cat-walking animation is applied to it. Finally, all of them are brought to the Unity Engine.

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