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Anime Toon Shader

The following shader is implemented in Unity URP with HLSL. This is applied in the game Dating Egg for the Entertainment Technology Center Festival at CMU.



Normal Average Tools

The C#-based scripted tool allows the user to export a model which does not have a set of averaged normals to the one that has.

The left one does not have an averaged normal, causing the shader to have a broken outline. The averaged normal tool allows the outline to be continuous.


Threshold-based Shading

The shader allows a threshold-value based toon shading, which allows large color regions with more visible boundaries.

See the right for the effect.




Texture-based Shading

It also allows another mode that uses a deep-region texture, which have a texture that contains the darkest color for each region. This mode allows a more continous and smooth shading, with the inner shadows on the model being more visibly comfortable.

Application Showcase

The above visual effects are applied in the Building Virtual World Round 4 Project, where you can take a look at the test play video right here. 

The game is showcased in the ETC Festival.

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