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Technical Blogs.

For the sake of academic integrity, any codes will NOT be explicitly shown here. Any assignmnet / project related discussion will be in a very high level, so if you want any access to the details, please contact me for permission.

For the lecture notes, I will give the credit below the title, and I will only share lecture notes that are allowed for sharing.

This page will be constantly updating, and many of the pages will be occupier for some time.

Physically Based Rendering Notes


PBR notes taken from CMU 15668 (Physically-Based Rendering by Prof. I.Gkioulekas), PBRT and Advanced Global Illumination.

Computer Graphics Notes


Computer Graphics notes taken from CMU 15462 (Computer Graphics by Prof. K.Crane), GAMES 101 (Introduction to Computer Graphics by Prof. L.Yan) and Fundamentals of Computer Graphics.

Multi-variable Calculus Notes


Calculate notes taken from CMU 21259 (3D Calculus), Advanced Mathematics and Calcus.

Linear Algebra Notes


Calculate notes taken from CMU 21241 (Linear Algebra) and Linear Algebra.

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